Riding The Roller Coaster of Emotions

A roller coaster ride has never been something that has really appealed to us even in the best of times. Yet, in the day to day living during this pandemic, it has certainly replicated the highs and lows of the ride, as we deal with a plethora of emotions.

Are you feeling positive one day , then not so much the next day? One day you might be feeling excited, then the next day you may be feeling sad. One day you are full of energy , the next day you feel exhausted. One day you feel courageous , the next day you feel scared. All of these feelings are valid given the present circumstances. A wide range of emotions may be your day to day reality.

The more we focus on any situation in our lives , the more real it becomes. In the case of the pandemic, when we are inundated 24-7 with information that may or may not be clear, we have a tendency to get lost in all the negativity . This can lead us to feeling overwhelmed and sometimes we are unable to cope effectively. However, we are capable of refocusing and reframing  our feelings, thoughts and actions.

So how do we refocus, distract and take action?

Refocus by focusing on what you can do or control, not what you can’t do or control.

Distract yourself by : 

1) Engaging in some activity that you have wanted to previously try, but did not have the time to do.

 2) Reflecting on any positives that could have occurred personally or in the world around you because of covid19.

Take action by: 

1) Prioritizing your mental, physical health and well being. Do what works for you whether that be taking a daily physically distanced walk, doing online yoga, eating healthy, listening to or creating beautiful music and/or journaling.

2) Reaching out to others who may feel more isolated and letting them know you care by your words and actions.

3) Utilizing coping strategies such as positive self talk, connecting with friends virtually, using an online app such as headspace or calm. Or you can go to our virtual calm space and chill.

4) Acknowledging your feelings and allowing yourself to grieve.

5) Challenging yourself to make the most of each day by setting up daily rituals that allow for structure.

As our governments prepare us to move back into a staged entry of some sort of normality, our instinct might be to embrace this sense of freedom to the full effect.Though we see hopeful signs of recovery, we must manage this taste of freedom with reasonable caution. Jumping off the rollercoaster when the ride is not yet over could be dangerous at the very least, and deadly in the worst case scenario. 

So sit tight, stay safe and remain hopeful knowing there will be an end to this challenging time.

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